• Thumble Tumble and the Goblin Pirates

    Goblin pirates front cover and text book

    When her friend is taken captive by Mogdred, the supreme Night Witch, Thumble Tumble is forced to join an unlikely Pirate crew on a terrifying journey to World's End! Pursued by a host of menacing monsters, they must find the key that unlocks a magical chest full of deadly treasures! Follow Thumble Tumble through this twisting tale of mystery and adventure on her most incredible journey yet!

  • Four Book Offer

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    If you'd like to follow the whole Thumble Tumble witching adventure, we've discounted the cost of buying all four together to £20! Click the link to our Paypal page and let the adventures begin!

  • Thumble Tumble and the Ollpheist

    Ollpheist new front cover 1 book

    Thumble Tumble and the Ollpheist is a story about a coven of witches set on the magical Isle of Arran. As with all good fairy stories, there is the balance of good and evil.

    Follow Thumble Tumble on her escapades with Night Witches and Sea Dragons as she attempts to infiltrate the Great Games. Most of all, follow her adventures to the dark depths of Domhain Loch, where she discovers the secret of the Ollpheist.

  • Thumble Tumble and the Cauldron of Undry

    Cauldron new book cover book

    Book two is again set on the magical Isle of Arran, Thumble Tumble’s next adventures take place in and around Brodick Castle and the mysterious Holy Isle.

    Thumble Tumble is a little witch who has no idea what dangers she will face when she enters the Devil’s Maze. With time against her and an army of Night Witches hunting her down, she must find a way to get to the mysterious Holy Isle and release the power that lies within an enchanted cauldron.

  • Thumble Tumble and the Eagalach Cup

    Thumble tumble eagalach book

    When Thumble Tumble stumbles upon Mogdred's evil plan to attack the Thistle Pixies at the Eagalach Cup, she is hurtled into her most chilling adventures yet!

    Completely unaware of the dangers, the feisty pixies prepare for their "big game" with Thumble Tumble guarding them from the shadows!

    Follow her latest adventures as she eludes night walking Creepers and loathsome Tree Trolls on this incredible journey of discovery.